Friday, January 27, 2017

How to Install Minecraft Mods...

When you're ready to step your game up to the next level in Minecraft, it may be time to experiment with "mods".  Mods are not part of the official Minecraft game, but are instead created by other players.  They can make it possible to build unique items, interact with new kinds of creatures like dinosaurs, and even change the game's graphics to 3D. Basically, anything is possible through mods, including changing the basic rules of the Minecraft game itself.

Go explore what's out there at,, and  Here are the steps for installing new mods...

1.  Download and install Minecraft Forge.  This is an API that lets you install mods for Minecraft.  Go to the Minecraft Forge downloads page, click on the most version of Minecraft you have (for example, 1.11.2), and on the next page click "Installer-win".

2.  Run the installer file that you just downloaded.  Make sure that "Install Client" is selected and click "OK".

3.  Now start up Minecraft.  You should notice that in the bottom-left corner, in the drop-down "Profile" menu, you will see a new profile labelled "forge".  Select it and click to "Play".  After a little bit of updating, the Minecraft Game Menu will appear and display a new button labelled "Mods".

4.  At this point, Forge is successfully installed and you are ready to play mods.  However you still need to go get a few.  You can find some you like from  For this example, I'm going to get the JurassiCraft Mod to play in a world with dinosaurs.

5. First download the LLibrary jar file (this won't be necessary for all, or even most, mods, but it is required for JurassiCraft), then download the JurassiCraft jar file (the file links are towards the bottom of these two pages).  Save them both into your Minecraft "mods" folder.

  • If you don't know where your "mods" folder is, do the following...
  • Start Minecraft as if you were about to play a new game (in other words, open the "launcher").
  • In the bottom-left corner, underneath your profile name, click the button labelled "Edit Profile".
  • Take a look  in the field labelled "Game Directory". That is the location of your saves folder. Write it down or remember it. For this example, you can see that my folder is located in "C:\Users\RobbieD\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft".

6. You're finished! When you launch Minecraft and click your new "Mods" button, you should see your new mod (ex. - "JurassiCraft") appear on the left. Play a new game with this mod and you'll have lots of new non-standard features to the game.  Like dinosaurs.



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