Monday, January 23, 2017

How to Install Minecraft Maps...

When you want to play Minecraft but are ready to branch out beyond the game-generated landscapes, it's time to explore other maps. One of the reasons Minecraft has endless possibilities is because whenever someone creates their world, they can then share it and let the rest of us download it for ourselves. This is called a Minecraft Map.

There are thousands of maps that you can download, install, and play - for free. To get a sense of what types of maps are out there, go explore

Here is the process:

1. Find a map that you want and download it. For this tutorial, I am going to download the map titled, "Escaping!", which is one of the most popular "puzzle" maps. Click where it says "Download Maps". In the pop-up window that will appear, click to Save the zip file.

2. You will need to unzip those new files into your Minecraft "saves" folder, so first you need to locate it on your hard drive. To locate your "saves" folder do the following...
  • Start Minecraft as if you were about to play a new game (in other words, open the "launcher").
  • In the bottom-left corner, underneath your profile name, click the button labelled "Edit Profile".
  • Take a look  in the field labelled "Game Directory". That is the location of your saves folder. Write it down or remember it. For this example, you can see that my folder is located in "C:\Users\RobbieD\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft".

3. Now that you know the location of your "saves" folder, go to Windows Explorer, open your "Downloads" folder, and double-click the map you downloaded earlier called "Escaping_v1.1" (or something close to that).

4. From the top menu in Windows Explorer, click "Extract", then "Extract All". Then "Browse" to find your "saves" folder, and click "Extract".

That should be it!  Just restart Minecraft, start a new Singleplayer game, and "Escaping!" (or whatever Map you chose) will display in the list of worlds for you to play. And best of all, you can repeat these same steps for hundreds of different Maps.



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