Wednesday, July 13, 2016

How to Set Up Python for Minecraft...

Most of the online tutorials on this topic seem weak, so here is my step-by-step beginner's tutorial on how to set up your Windows PC so that you can start writing Python programs for Minecraft.

Step #1:  Download and install Python (use any version after 3.5.0).  During installation, make sure to check the box to "Add Python to Path".

Step #2:  Download and install the Minecraft Python API and Spigot.  Go to this link and download the file: "Minecraft".  Extract all of the files, then double-click the file: "Install_API".

Step #3:  Run the Spigot Server.  Open the "Minecraft Tools" folder (that you extracted in Step #2), then double-click the file: "Start_Server".  Without closing the Spigot window, open Minecraft and choose "Multiplayer", then "Add Server".  In the server address box, type "localhost", then "Done".  Double-click the server name listed and your game should start.
  • If you have a compatibility issue when you double-click the server name, exit back to the Minecraft launcher and create a new profile. Edit the settings for that profile by selecting an older version release (for example, 1.9.4) 
You're now totally set up.  In the future, when you want to write the code for your programs, use IDLE (a text editor installed when you installed Python).  In order to execute your finished programs, make sure to run the Spigot server and Minecraft, and simply click "F5" within IDLE.

Some actual programming examples are coming soon.



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