Friday, February 26, 2016

What Do Twitter Users Think of Trump Being Endorsed by Christie?

Just an hour or so ago, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie publicly endorsed Donald Trump for president.  This is turning a lot of heads in pundit circles, however I wanted to just do a quick analysis of what people were saying about the endorsement on Twitter.

Running a python script of my own creation, I scraped 949 tweets referring to Trump over the course of a single minute (approximately an hour after the public endorsement).  So this is neither a scientific nor a meaningfully large sample size by any means; rather, I just wanted to get a quick snapshot.  All 949 tweets were then run through IBM's Alchemy engine for sentiment analysis so that we could get a sense of whether tweets about Trump were singing his praises, condemning him, or staking out a more neutral stance.  Here are the data collected:

  • Number of tweets analyzed:  949
  • Number of positive tweets:  254
  • Number of negative tweets:  343
  • Number of neutral tweets:  305

Which can be visualized as follows:

Just some real-time API-driven sentiment for your consumption  :-)



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