Thursday, October 08, 2015

My New Book, "Who Governs the Internet? A Political Architecture", Is Now Available!

 My book, "Who Governs the Internet? A Political Architecture" is finally being published next week. It will be available on Amazon's and Barnes & Noble's websites (links are below), but as a special benefit for all Nerfherder readers who are interested in purchasing a copy, go to the Lexington Books website instead and you can use my "Author" discount code, which will bring the price down to $56. Yes, I know that may seem pretty expensive for a book - I have no say in how the publishing company prices it, and they assure me that since the book's primary marketing target is academic libraries, rather than individuals, this is how it's done. Regardless, I appreciate the support :-)

It's available right now!

    • (use the author discount code to save $24: LEX30AUTH15) - this is valid until 12/31/15



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