Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Walking Diesel Up Staircases After the Hurricane...

Wanting to avoid becoming yet another aggregator of Hurricane Sandy photos, here's a different angle to consider in the storm's aftermath... how are all those websites and ISPs whose hardware is based on the East Coast still running?

As ReadWrite reports, the number of web outages has thus far been surprisingly small when considering the tremendous damage to infrastructure overall.  One reason for this is cloud computing - the more services that companies are delivering remotely, the lower the risk of one geographic location shutting them down.

But there's another, surprisingly non-tech, phenomenon aiding the situation as well.  Many New York City-based firms are relying on generators to power their servers and web services, and over the last week of power outages, they've come to rely on "bucket brigades" consisting of people hand-carrying canisters of gasoline up large numbers of flights of stairs in order to keep those generators running.

It may seem like a solution better suited to two centuries ago, but in Hurricane Sandy's aftermath, any workable solution seems good enough.



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