Monday, September 19, 2011

The TweetWar Between NATO and Taliban Forces...

Every once in a while the Internet proves to be a valuable forum for conversations between enemies to take place when they otherwise might not. Charles Cameron from SmartMobs, in particular, has, in the past, highlighted a few instances of this in a security/terrorism context. But what happened last week wasn't constructive; it was a case where both sides simply brought their fight to the Web. And it was quite fascinating to observe.

The Guardian first reported on the TweetWar that occured last week between NATO and Taliban forces just after the Kabul embassy attack. Basically, a Taliban spokesperson (@abalkhi) and the public affairs office of NATO’s ISAF (@ISAFmedia) engaged in a direct and public conversation on Twitter where both sides hurled repeated digs at each other, arguing who was truly at fault (from their perspective) for civilian deaths, and which media sources could be trusted.

Leo Shane III storified it as follows...

There isn't necessarily a large significant point to be made here. It's just amazing how, when these dialogues between real-space enemies take place in cyberspace, we all get to be a fly on the wall.


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