Monday, February 15, 2010

Internet Censorship in Australia...

Australia has made headlines over the past few months for its legislative attempts at filtering websites for its citizens. The harshest of critics view this as outright censorship, while others perceive it as less nefarious.

The question was raised on an academic email distribution list... How do Australia's attempts at filtering compare to China's internet censorship policies?"

Morgan Leigh from the University of Tasmania responded with a comprehensive set of links that collectively make a fabulous primer on the subject. These are crucial for serious readers on the subject.

The filtering being proposed here in Australia is not much of a threat at all to freedom on the internet. Firstly it is only for web sites; P2P and VPNs won't be filtered, for the very simple reason that it is not technically feasible, and the web filter will be implemented by means of a list of prohibited sites. Obviously it takes about two minutes thought to realize the limitations of this method.

Here are some links: -

An very extensive overview of info regarding net filtering in Australia -

A link to the site of the politician responsible for the latest attempt
to filter the net in Australia -

A piece by the Sydney Morning Herald re filtering here - "Conroy will not be censoring the internet. He'll be censoring people who do not know much about the internet."

(And another) Internet filter will not stop child porn peddlers -

Conroy Releases Internet Filter Trial Report, Dooms Us All - "How can you seriously consider blocking 100 per cent of the ACMA blacklist a success if one ISP only had 15 customers opt in?"

The actual report -

Grassroots political movement against filtering -

Conroy actually cites net filters in China in support of his plan!

Here is what happened to Google's 'decision' to not filter the net in China in response to its being hacked -

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