Friday, October 16, 2009

Venture Capital Funding On The Rise...

Software engineers and programming students take notice. Even in the current economic climate, there is a bright ray of sunlight... venture capital funding is on the rise, particularly in technology.

According to, venture capital activity hit $6.1B in the third quarter of 2009, a healthy 14% increase over Q2 2009 when venture capital investment stood at $5.3B. The investments were spread across 678 deals (up from 613 in the prior quarter).

Of course, this amount still doesn't compare favorably to the doldrums of the recession in the third quarter of 2008 when ChubbyBrain data shows venture investing stood at $7.2B. But it's nevertheless a significant upward trend and "there is room for cautious optimism".

The Chubbybrain report also shows that the top five states for receiving venture funding are 1) California, 2) Massachusetts, 3) Texas, 4) New York, and 5) Georgia. The month of September, in particular, saw a huge influx of funding, as did the state of California.

What does all of this mean? How about that, even in these trying economic times, there is still a market for entrepreneurs and business innovation. Funding remains out there for startups in need of seed money, and those who let the newspaper headlines discourage them face the very real prospect of missing out.


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