Friday, April 03, 2009

Tracking Federal Spending on Google Maps...

We've all been listening to the news over the past few months describing how the federal government is spending trillions of dollars on stimulus packages, bailout plans, earmarks, etc. Well, thanks to Google Maps, now citizens can see exactly where all of that money is going.

This mashup was created by the Treasury Department and highlights where TARP funds have been allocated to as well as exactly how much money is being dispersed and to which financial institution...

(Drag your mouse to shift the map, zoom in, and click on any marker to see the details)

View Larger Map

While the Democratic-led government is releasing such information, the Republicans, not to be outdone, have created Google mashups of their own. This one, for example, highlights where earmarks have been appropriated...

View Larger Map

For anyone who believes that technology can play a greater role in bringing transparency to government, this is some really terrific stuff.


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