Wednesday, February 11, 2009

This Thing Called the Internet (classic videos)...

Aside from hosting a collection of poor-quality amateur videos of wannabe karakoe artists, YouTube is getting a second incarnation as an... historian.

The following two videos have been gaining in popularity recently, both showing, with a mix of nostalgia and retrospective humor, how one day in the future we would have this thing called the internet.

This clip from 1981 shows how it's possible to read a free copy of the newspaper on a computer... for only $5/hour. Notice how Richard Halloran is simply labeled, "Owns a computer".

Likewise, this 1967 clip depicts a future where women will be able to engage in "fingertip shopping". "What the wife selects on her console," says the narrator, "the husband will pay for on his counterpart console."

YouTube is proving its worth to society, yet again :-)


At 2:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rob... interesting ... I've actually noticed that YouTube actually has homemade performances by non-amateur entertainment people ... like snippets of concerts and other live performances. Is this history? Kind of

... but perhaps even more interesting is that Apple has just released their newest version of iLife (it manages photos, movies, and more. Nice package). Within "Garage Band", they now have packed 10 lessons to teach yourself piano and 10 for guitar. Is 10 enough? Probably not ... but they also offer selective lessons for playing specific songs ... and those lessons are given by the artist who recorded or wrote the song! For $5, imagine learning "Proud Mary" on guitar from John Fogerty himself.

I think, with a little digging, there might be more of these 'star' lessons out on YouTube ... is Apple picking up on a free idea and trying to make a buck or two? I leave this to your creative thinking!


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