Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hitchhiking on Twitter; Like Jack Kerouac on WiFi...

File this one in the "fun and fascinating" category. There is a new experiment being carried out on Twitter that tests if the website can be a tool for... hitchhiking around the world.

A user named Twitchhiker is planning on traveling around the world using no resources other than what his Twitter followers are willing to provide for him. His odyssey begins March 1st and the proceeds from any sponsorships he receives will go to Charity:Water.

The Twitchhiker has laid out the rules of this experiment on his website. He's basically asking his followers to help him out with car rides, ferry tickets, plane tickets, couches to crash on, a few meals, and some other basics of survival. What makes this fun is that he's not procuring these necessities before leaving home in a way that would plan the entire trip out for him ahead of time. His 72-hour rule means that, depending where in the world he happens to be on a given day, his next destination will be shaped by whatever offers he gets through Twitter right then and there. In other words, he can't make any plans more than 72 hours in advance.

As he describes, he's completely relying on the "goodwill" of the Twitter community. Hopefully he won't find himself "dead in a ditch or under a patio" or "sleeping rough" too often.

How much fun is this?! It's Jack Kerouac on WiFi. Doesn't it make you want to drop your life and leave your fate up to the mercy and the random whims of the folks in cyberspace?

Well, maybe not, especially when you put it that way. But, nevertheless, I can't wait to read more about someone else giving it a try.


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