Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Nerfherder Gal Scratches Her Head Over Twitter...

The following post was written by contributing author (and 50% stakeholder in this blog), The Nerfherder Gal. Rob has finally returned, but has chosen to be lazy for at least one more day.

As a computer geek's girlfriend, and now wife, it never ceases to amaze me when the Nerfherder becomes obsessed with a new website or internet application. Take, for example, Twitter. No matter how many times I try to discover the merit of this site, I simply don’t get it! Admittedly I am a complete Facebook addict and love to check my friends' status updates, but I find absolutely no appeal in the constant updates of complete strangers. There must be some explanation as to why people are so interested, so whenever I decide to venture to the site out of complete and utter boredom, I feel as if I'm "just not doing it right". Who are the 106 people who care enough to follow the Nerfherder, and who exactly are the 175 people he finds so interesting? I am currently following 7 people: three personal friends, The Nerfherder, Barack Obama, "Hoboken411", and "NY Times Books", and I only decided to follow "Hoboken411" and "NY Times Books" because I was hoping they would shed some light on the Twitter charm.

I am also dumbfounded by the layout of the site. I grew up in a very computer-friendly home, and while I'm not a computer nerd, I feel like I have a good handle on all things computer- and internet-related... yet I can't for the life of me figure out how to use Twitter! I do agree that at times there are interesting posts and topics, however I don’t personally know how to find them! It all goes back to the "maybe I just don't understand" or "maybe I'm doing something wrong" thoughts rolling around in my brain every time the Nerfherder excitedly muses about the site. While the Nerfherder exudes enthusiasm about microblogs and crowdsourcing, I am just forced to shake my head and wonder.

However, while Twitter may not be for me, The Nerfherder spent the last 10 days in Israel and prior to his departure was very excited by the prospect of being able to "tweet" from overseas. He even emailed the Nerfherder Dad to tell him to follow him while he was away. While biting my nails and watching CNN religiously while he was away, the Nerfherder was "tweeting" about hearing the sounds of bombs, fighter jets flying overhead, and troop convoys. Of course when speaking to him on the phone he neglected to mention these things, but there it was on his Twitter page for his 106 followers to read. And while I rolled my eyes and brushed off his "microblogging," his tweets showed me the gravity that Twitter can have, from his firsthand account of what was happening in a country that is currently under scrutiny from the world's media. So maybe it's time for me to give Twitter another chance.

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At 5:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

BTW: It's "UR Doing it Wrong."

At 8:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with you completely. This is one more application toward the inevitable doom of our social skills. In twenty years, half the population will go without speaking to a human being for weeks at a time. Two things one should have in life: Verbal Communication and Alone Time. Also if any of you have children who read this blog and use tweeter; shame on you. I have two step kids (8, 10) and barely have time to take a shower; stop abusing your kids with neglect.


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