Monday, December 08, 2008

Are You A Facebook Addict?

A case study in irony today, courtesy of Mashable...

A new social website has been launched in beta called "" which allows people to join support groups for different addictions. The various support groups include those for alcoholism and drug use, which might be expected, however there are also support groups for people addicted to Facebook, AOL instant messenger, Twitter, and World of Warcraft.

Have Facebook and our other online guilty pleasures really entered the realm of addiction to such an extent that their support groups ought to be listed side-by-side with alcoholism and drug use?

But here's the real kicker. As Pete Cashmore observes, "the time has really passed for niche social networks [like BeatingAddiction]. To gain any traction these days, services must plugin in to existing networks. Ironically, perhaps, BeatingAddiction would gain more traction as a Facebook [application] than a standalone site."

Which means, of course, that there would be a paradox of people having to login to Facebook in order to participate in their Facebook addiction support group.

Who else is scratching their heads over this?


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