Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Online Election Day Buzz...

Unless you're living under a rock, you are fully aware that today is Election Day in the United States. Many Nerfherder readers will be spending the majority of their time at work in front of a computer screen anxiously awaiting tonight's results, but fret not. There are loads of ways this year to follow the buzz online.

Here are a few links to help satisfy those hungry minds out there.

  • The Nerfherder's Del.icio.us bookmarks - the authoritative list of links about the presidential election and its relationship to cyberspace discovered since the beginning of the campaign.

  • Election Day Toolkit - a great piece sure to keep you busy for hours, courtesy of ReadWriteWeb.

  • Twitter Buzz - real-time conversations about today's events.

  • Video Your Vote! - Watch and even upload your own videos of people voting. The most fascinating part of this may be how it chronicles "polling place problems".

And one final thought... "Where have you gone, Ron Paul?"


At 5:49 PM, Blogger Simon Owens said...

The Video Your Vote project is pretty cool, I heard that some of the videos are going to be played on PBS shows.

I've been working on an election project that utilizes Twitter: Freshly Squeezed Tweets. It aggregates tweets like Twitter Vote Report, but it creates a more abstract visualization of the aggregate conversation on Twitter showing frequency and context of election-related words. The site will pull a continuous stream of tweets mentioning Obama and McCain, representing the most-used terms as a series of bubbles. The bigger the "bubble" the more frequently the term is being used. You can hover over each word to see a graphical breakdown of each word's use.


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