Monday, October 27, 2008

You Will 2008...

The following post was contributed by guest blogger Patrick Fitzpatrick. The Nerfherder will return from the Amazon in just a few more days.

Anybody remember the "You Will" TV commercials from the 1990s? Made by AT&T with a voice over by Tom Selleck, the series of ads proposed a range of fascinating, at the time almost far-fetched, possibilities that consumers would be able to do with emerging technology.

Many of them seem rather quaint and nostalgic viewing the ads from today’s ultra-portable, always connected, digitized world. My personal favorite has to be the "Have you ever sent someone a fax... from the beach?" clip. A fax? Who uses a fax? The other day I uploaded a digital video I took of a near shark-attack to CNN’s iReport, got an email back from them confirming they received it, then watched my clip on my browser at CNN’s website all from my phone. From the beach! (I actually didn’t, but you get my point – today all that is quite possible.)

The ads got me thinking: what are AT&T and the other great technological incubators working on now? What is it that we could see on a TV commercial today that would in ten years make us look back with a whimsical chuckle? What do consumers want? Where will this still nascent technology take us to next? Is the iPhone the end or the beginning of a trend?

What do Nerfherder readers think is next?

To get the ball rolling here’s my idea for a new "You Will" ad campaign: "Have you ever thought that you could feel a vibration in your tooth, tug gently on your earlobe, be immediately hooked-up to the caller and by blinking your eye be connected to them via video simultaneously?..." Will we?

Post your ideas below as comments.


At 12:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

two words... the beamer from star trek.


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