Monday, October 20, 2008

Online Contextual Advertising and the Presidential Election

The following post was submitted by guest blogger and superhero, Jeff Domanski

"Gay Baseball". This is a Google Adsense contextual advertisement that displayed on my friend's blog site last week. For those that are unfamiliar, online contextual advertising is a form of advertising that scans through the text content of a webpage and displays 'relevant' advertisements. After a contextual engine reads the text of a page, certain criteria is applied against an algorithm which will then select applicable advertisements from a database. These are often displayed in a side panel on a web page. The Nerfherder blog, which you are currently reading, subscribes to the Google Adsense version on this technology and I couldn't be more interested to see what displays after this post.

A good friend of mine maintains a blog similar to this one, but talks primarily about sports. Last week he was dumbfounded when advertisements for "Gay Baseball" were displaying all over his page. Regrettably, he hasn't been able to duplicate this advertisement which is unfortunate because my curiosity is being stretched to the brim trying to figure out what 'Gay Baseball' is. More curiously frustrating is attempting to figure out what type of product "Gay Baseball" could possibly be selling, or what service it could possibly provide.

This friend of mine has told me that he has received even more bizarre contextual advertisements on his sports blog, such as an ad a couple weeks ago for "Female Urination". Weird? Yes. I'm not certain how these algorithms work, as they are necessarily proprietary and undisclosed, but I find it extremely interesting how this technology can produce such unqualified categorical results. In fairness, these are not typical results, and online contextual advertising has proven to be incredibly effective. On occasion though, Google Adsense will produce irrelevant advertisements on a sports blog about a feminine hygiene product to help with urination.

Although my initial intrigue started off with a little gay baseball, I have now begun to consider other ways in which this capable technology can work. With its masterful ability at selective persuasion, I believe it can be used to subconsciously help people make decisions. With the upcoming presidential election, I hope to use this tool to help the undecided voters who read this Nerfherder blog.

Below is a random variety of contextual advertisements I found on blogs around the internet. They are all pertaining to our presidential candidates and VP candidate Sarah Palin. To provide our undecided voters with an objective perspective of these candidates, I will put my personal beliefs aside and simply present this as I found it. After you've had a chance to read the advertisements, I will provide a brief summary of what I was able to take away from this marvelous technology and how it swayed my vote.

Vice Presidential Candidate – Governor of Alaska (R) Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin's IQ is 120.
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How to Survive an Affair

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Meet Married Women
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Sarah Palin's Secret

Shocking Sarah Palin Video! You've Got to See This to Believe it ...

Coffee Exposed
A shocking secret coffee co's don't want you to know

Jesus is Magic!

Show the world what you think about a Pitbull in the White House!

Presidential Candidate – Senator from Illinois (D) Barack Obama

Obama and the Convention
Arab TV News Media Coverage
Watch Middle East News Analysis

Barack Obama's IQ is 130.
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Obama Action Figure

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Obama's Brother In Kenya
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Obama is a bad mother...
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Presidential Candidate – Senator from Arizona (R) John McCain

John McCain's IQ is 130.
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John McCain & WMD in Iraq
Arms Inspector, ex-CIA Officer say
McCain ignored WMD facts in 2001.

Women Don't be Fooled
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FOX Business Blog
On Assignment Blogs with Video Only on

Objective Summary

The distinguished presidential candidate from Illinois Barack Obama is smarter than Sarah Palin. He has achieved a superhero status and his action figure is on the shelves next to the likes of Superman and Batman. Barack Obama is arab and has family in Kenya. He is either a bad mother or a bad motherf *%k^$.

Senator John McCain of Arizona is of equal intelligence to Barack Obama and is smarter than Sarah Palin. He has an enormous lead over Obama and some consider he has already won. He fools women, is a criminal and is to blame for the war in Iraq.

Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin is of limited intelligence and that potentially scares a lot of people. She seemingly has had an affair and has a secret that you've got to see to believe. That secret lingers around the overwhelming mysticism and controversy over coffee and what 'the man' doesn't want you to know about it. Along with her belief of Intelligent Design, she also believes that dinosaurs and jesus are in fact products of magic and the black arts.


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