Monday, August 11, 2008

Baby Blogging...

Congratulations to my good friends, Jon and Jaimie Sherry, on the birth of their first daughter! In tribute, I've spent all morning searching to find the best of the "baby blogs".

Baby blogs cover a range of topics from offering parental advice, to sharing photos of the kid, to vitriolic rants where the new parents vent their many anxieties and frustrations. To a non-parent, such as myself, these definitely make for the most entertaining reads :-)

Baby Blog Addict acts as a type of search engine for the baby blogosphere. My advice is to read all the "headlines" on their front page just to get blog referrals based on what's most interesting to you, the reader, through the many sample posts.

Reading up on issues like stealing someone's babysitter, remote control parenting, or reflections on potty training offer just the tiniest window into the magical/extremely-frightening world of parenting. It's also enough to make me wonder 1) how different might we all have turned out if our own parents could have used Google and blogs back in the day, and 2) when exactly does a blogging parent cross an ethical line in sharing their child's developmental experiences for the sake of entertaining the reading public?

While we ponder these questions, maybe someone out there could help the Nerfherder Gal and I settle another raging debate... is buying a baby their own domain name a fantastic, or a ridiculous, idea for a birthday gift?


At 5:00 PM, Blogger Suburban Correspondent said...

When I click on Baby Blog Addict above, it says the link isn't valid.

And thanks for Delicious-ing me!


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