Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Nerfherder Gal Strikes Back...

Because Rob is working the MLB All-Star Game this week, the following post has been graciously submitted by contributing author, The Nerfherder Gal...

Nerfherder Gal back again after much pushing from the Nerfherder. As most of you have probably heard by now, the Nerfherder and I are tying the knot this fall, so I thought I’d use this article as a chance to look at the "Cyber-Bride".

A Nerfherder Gal Pal of mine just got married this past May, and I found her to be the most interesting specimen. She was constantly on the bride forums and message boards getting advice and tips from other brides. Low and behold, thousands of women cruise these sites and post advice, suggestions, questions, and more every day. They ask about what colors the others are using, how to take care of a pushy mother-in-law, what to do about seating charts, and on and on. It is amazing to me how these brides even seem to become friends through these message boards, returning even after their weddings to post pictures and keep in touch with the other brides-to-be. My Gal Pal would even cite other brides from her message boards when I asked her questions for myself.

After checking this out for myself, I was amazed, even appalled, and of course a little bit addicted. I had decided to check a bunch of message boards to see how other brides have fared when doing their own flowers, so I browsed the message board on (I am completely addicted to The Knot!) and found tons of helpful advice; so much helpful advice, in fact, that it encouraged me to browse other topics, until I realized that I was half asleep, it was 2:00 am, and I was still looking at wedding stuff online instead of being in bed!

The internet is a useful tool for many things, and wedding planning is no different. The resources are so endless that your whole life can become consumed by it. It’s on the verge of bride overload! I am constantly searching for ideas for my wedding, even on Google images! My question is: Has the internet taken over for what Bridal Magazine used to provide? Why do we take so much comfort in the advice of other people we have never even met? And is this an internet phenomenon, or are all brides just nuts?!!!

Nerfherder Gal

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