Thursday, July 24, 2008

Introducing Blogathons...

Yesterday, after reading a Boing Boing article about a women who was holding a blogathon to raise money for a rape crisis center, I became immersed in this question... What is a blogathon?

Michael Isenberg provided the best definition I could find:

Have you heard of charity walk-a-thons, where people get sponsored to walk a certain distance for charity? Or remember in elementary school, those stupid "Math-A-Thons" where you had to raise money by doing a certain number of math problems? Well Blogathon is like those. Except instead of getting outside or working your brain, Blogathon involves not being more than 30-minutes away from a computer at all times so you can babble on the internet all day. The event lasts for 24 hours (9AM Saturday to 9AM Sunday), and each participant must update their blog at least every half hour, for a minimum of 48 posts. Sponsors can pledge for each hour blogged (ie, 24) or simply donate a flat amount. After the event, sponsors will be contacted with directions for sending their pledges to the charities. The money goes straight to the chairty, passing through neither the blogger's, nor the Blogathon organizers' hands.

Apparently, holding a blogathon isn't even that new or rare of an event. Last July, some activists held a web event called "Blogathon 2007", which included dozens of participating bloggers who recruited hundreds of sponsors and raised thousands of dollars for charity. This year, a new event named "Day of Blogs" is taking its place.

A quick Google search for the term "blogathon" yielded 218,000 results.

This a a fascinating development, and since blogathons are for charity, they're awfully tough to criticize. As to who wants to sit in front of their computer for 24 straight hours flooding cyberspace with an even more incessant barrage of content spam, well, that's another question entirely.

Hats-off to all the blogathonners of the world!


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