Thursday, May 15, 2008

Oh, Those Angry Bloggers...

A major fight has been ensuing this week between two blogging heavyweights - Wired Blogs vs. Techcrunch.

It started last Thursday when Techcrunch announced its new partnership agreement (essentially, a syndication deal) with the Washington Post. This sounded innocent enough, until Betsy Schiffman of Wired then blasted Techcrunch for having a serious conflict of interest, and accused the Washington Post with "publishing content written by a dude who invests in the companies he writes about".

Naturally, this didn't go over too well. Michael Arrington, the god of Techcrunch, saw the Schiffman article and publicly responded with this searing post "after a night of heavy drinking". He also engaged in several other (ahem) activities. Aside from Arrington's "Turrets-like" Twitter message, he also called for a "Wired burning party".

Not to be outdone in the battle of childish antics, Wired staff members responded by tagging every post about Techcrunch with the tag, "Buttmunch".

How much fun is this?!

Outside of the personal fight between the actors involved, this story has no relevancy whatsoever. Its a case of hurt feelings and temper-tantrums among some of the most popular and influential bloggers in existence - and for that reason, it makes for some terrific cyber-tabloid material.

If these blogging giants would show some semblance of maturity and stop their playground fistfight, they might begin to understand that, because of the prominent positions they're in, this very public battle undermines the legitimacy of the blogosphere at large, and only re-enforces the mainstream media's prejudice against bloggers as immature, non-professionals.

If these are our standard-bearers, what chance do we have?


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