Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Favorites of the Blogosphere...

One of the most common grievances uttered by readers of The Nerfherder is that they often feel like Web 2.0 bystanders; that despite all the hype about blogs, podcasts, and the rest of their ilk, nobody knows where to start looking.

So I'm throwing out here my own personal list, not necessarily of the best or most popular blogs on the Web, but simply my own personal favorites. They are more apt to fit the categories of fun and unusual than they are self-important.

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  • PostSecret - This blog is an ongoing community art project in which ordinary people mail in a personal secret written by hand on one side of a homemade postcard. The cards are then posted anonymously on the blog exactly as received, presented without comment.

  • Indexed - This blog reduces the rich pageantry of life to small Venn Diagrams and bar graphs that graphically and (often hilariously) highlight life's profundities and absurdities.

  • The Consumerist - Ever get the feeling you're being ripped off? The Consumerist is the blog where shoppers can bite back and sometimes even leave deep teeth marks. As the editors put it: "We're not anti-capitalist; we're anti-stupid-capitalist."

  • Reverse Cowgirl - Writer, photographer, and artist Susannah Breslin's blog supplies a rare commodity online: smart writing about sex and sexuality... Perhaps best of all, The Reverse Cowgirl consists mostly of sex-related writing, not pictures or photographs, making it just barely suitable for viewing at work unless your boss is really nosey.

  • The Sartorialist - All about fashion as seen on the on the street. It's a daily repository of shared photos of ordinary people wearing kick-ass clothes, accompanied by sharp, sometimes stinging commentary.

  • Gawker - Its relentlessly critical, headache-inducing cynicism about, oh, practically everything, would seem downright mean it weren't for its usual juicy targets: the self-important boobs that rule Manhattan media and high society.


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