Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Nerfherder Gal Returns!

The following is a post written by contributing author, The Nerfherder Gal. Rob will return next week from vacation.

While the Nerfherder is traveling overseas enjoying himself, I am stuck in the states doing blog entries for him. Only a truly dedicated girlfriend would agree to do something like this, either that or a very bored one. In our relationship, I must admit that am the one who is not very adept in politics, and I probably wouldn't pay much attention if it wasn't for my dorky, politics-obsessed boyfriend. However, while he's been away I have found myself not only missing him, but missing the cable news that is constantly battling it out with my shows like America's Next Top Model and Sex in the City. I am reaching, grasping for whatever bit of news on the campaign trail I can get my hands on. The small TV in the elevator of my office building, my MSN home page, anything! After the New Hampshire primary, I was interested in the figures of who voted for whom, and I can't stop asking everyone who they are voting for the way that the Nerfherder does. Is it possible that he's rubbing off on me in a good way? Or am I just becoming a bigger dork? I also can't wait for him to finish the organized part of his trip, so that when he gets to his cousin's we can webcam! ACK, I am becoming a dork! I love the idea that I can use the webcam to talk to people I'm missing, I can't help it! I suppose for better or for worse I am becoming interested in the things that the Nerfherder finds such joy in, and I think I can safely say that he finds a little joy in America's Next Top Model too, even though he pretends to hate it.

The Nerfherder Gal


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