Thursday, December 13, 2007

What Technorati Reveals With Its List of 'What's Popular' in the Blogospere... is perhaps the most authoritative blog search engine. What Google is for the Internet, Technorati is for the blogosphere. They have a terrific feature where you can see the most popular search terms for the day, providing a glimpse into the most popular topics people are blogging and generating a buzz about in cyberspace. What's fascinating is that an examination of what's popular reveals just how nutty the blogosphere truly is.

As of this writing, the top 5 searches in Technorati's most popular list include the following: Blognation, Google Down, Cash Warren, Ron Paul, and None, with other notables in the top 20 such as Noelia and Elfyourself.

What the heck are most of these things, and who on earth is actually searching for them?
  • "Blognation" is a network of bloggers that is apparently shutting down due to lots of debt and no funding.
  • "Google Down" is, apparently, anything related to Google. It's not obvious why "down" is included in the search term.
  • "Cash Warren" is the boyfriend of actress Jessica Alba, who just became pregnant.
  • "Ron Paul" is one of the Republican presidential candidates.
  • "None" is nothing. I'm assuming this refers to searches that left the textfield blank, though why anyone would do this is beyond me.
  • "Noelia" is a foreign celebrity whose nude photos have been circulating for months.
  • "Elfyourself" is a website that lets you create your own elf avatar.

If these are truly the most popular topics being blogged about right now in cyberspace, that is quite disturbing and helps justify critics who argue that the blogosphere is filled with mostly garbage. On the other hand, it might actually make sense. Is it that hard to believe that people are most interested today in nude photos, celebrity gossip, a network of their peers going out of business, the presidential campaign, and a cute little piece of software designed for the holiday season?

Just maybe, this really is reflective of the diverse interests of the masses. If you consider that a sad, sad statement, perhaps take heart in Technorati's list of most popular news stories being blogged about, rather than search terms, which is based on far more "substance".

Now just imagine if Google publicized its most popular search terms as well. Try not to be scared.


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