Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Internet Things to be Thankful For...

Tomorrow, mothers across the nation will try, often in vain (at least in my household), to go around the dinner table and have everyone proclaim all the things they are thankful for this Thanksgiving. So what better place than in a blog to list everything we are thankful for that make our daily internet experiences that much more fulfilling...

  • Porn (if you're my brother)
  • YouTube - for allowing us to post and view all sorts of poor-quality, barely watchable videos, and then get sued for it.
  • Daily Nerfherder Emails - come on, admit it!
  • Facebook and MySpace - without them, teenagers and college kids would end up wasting endless hours each day on meaningless activities like stalking ex-boyfriends, refreshing the same 10 "pictures of me" multiple times a week, and enlisting 423 random people to be your "friends". Oh wait...
  • Wikipedia - for allowing even the dumbest idiots in society to contribute to the world's supply of "knowledge".
  • Blogs - (see Wikipedia)
  • Second Life - for demonstrating how we can be just as inept at making money online as we are offline.
  • PHProxy - for letting me offer my friends a way to IM and view porn from their jobs, while still allowing me to justify it by saying it's intended for pro-democracy activists in China.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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