Monday, October 29, 2007

The Perversion of Programming Language...

Connoisseurs of the English language are often aghast at its common misuse. They decry ebonics, slang, and casual mistakes such as the incorrect placement of apostrophes and capital letters. Now in a most unexpected twist, it appears that computer programming languages may soon face the same type of perversions.

As this Boing Boing article explains, a posting was listed on Craigslist for a job as a "LOLCode Developer". Craigslist has since flagged the listing for removal (they assume it is a joke), yet a movement may indeed be underway to create a LOLCode programming language. They've even already developed a compiler.

We've all seen that TV commercial where a mother and daughter have a conversation using text/IM-messaging dialect - "LOL, OMG it's my BFF Jill" (or something like that). But a programming language based on similar esoteric language?

The C++ gods must be rolling in their graves, and like those horrified connoisseurs of English, computer scientist professors are surely rolling their eyes at the prospect of soon viewing source code like this...

if(state="LOL" && reaction="OMG")
cout << ":-)";


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