Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Cyber-philanthropy and the DonorsChoose Program...

Sticking with yesterday's theme, not only have we entered an age of cyberactivism, but cyber-philanthropy as well. With all Internet users having the power to create content with a global reach, it's terrific to finally see some doing so for noble purposes.

From Google: Got a Blog? Help a Student...

When it comes to philanthropy, everyone’s got something different to give – some people have money, others have time, and bloggers have devoted readers. The creative folks at DonorsChoose have a few ideas about how bloggers can help students and teachers.

In case you’re not familiar with DonorsChoose, it’s a site where teachers post needs they have for their classrooms, and donors fund those projects directly. If you’ve got a blog, a website, or even an email account, you can help by creating what’s called a challenge. Just pick some of your favorite projects and challenge your family, friends, and readers to fund them. If you’ve got a Blogger account, it’s easy to add your challenge to your blog in just a few clicks.

Most bloggers and other website content creators (yes, that means all of you MySpace and Facebook users) are able to promote causes and encourage cyber-philanthropy without any cost to themselves besides spending a few minutes posting something to their site. For this DonorsChoice program specfically, Google is offering links and a $500 award for whichever blogs raise the most money for each of the DonorsChoice categories. But really, this cause is a good one and should be supported on its own merits.


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