Sunday, October 14, 2007

Carbon Neutral Websites...

The following post is part of Blog Action Day - a day for bloggers to collectively support environmental causes.

Yesterday, while searching for, of all things, instructions for how to grow ginger root, I noticed that at the bottom of the page was an icon that was labeled, "Carbon Neutral Website".

A minimal amount of research on WikiHow uncovered that it's possible to obtain a carbon offset to balance out any greenhouse gas emissions that we create, either by running our websites, or for everyone else, simply by leaving our home PCs powered on for long stretches of time.

Using the Terrapass website, you can purchase your carbon offset for only a couple of dollars a year. It will estimate how many pounds of emissions you're responsible for annually, and then you can contribute some money which Terrapass will invest into programs that reduce carbon emissions, helping to offset your "carbon footprint" either partially or completely. Just to give you an idea, my entire carbon footprint for the year was offset by only about $30.

Even if you're skeptical about giving money to such offset programs, you can still show some support - just regularly visit and spread the word to promote websites that display the following logo:



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