Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Blog About Blogs About Blogging...

Maybe the web is reflecting the people who use it. It's always been something of a head-scratcher that, with all of the fun and entertaining stuff out there, many of the most popular blogs are tips on how to blog. The blogosphere has become introspective, and maybe that's a sign of maturity in the space. Regardless, not to be outdone, here is a quick blog on the best blogs that talk about blogging (a.k.a. - "blogging blogs").

(Sick of this yet? Need a Tylenol already?)

  • ProBlogger - Helping Bloggers Earn Money. Blog Tips and News for the Professional and Hobby Blogger.

  • Copyblogger - Copywriting tips for effective blogging and online marketing.

  • Shoe Money - A blog/diary from a person who makes a living online. It contains thoughts and opinions based on real live experiences.

  • Business Blog Consulting - Devoted to demonstrating how effective weblogs can be for communicating with customers and marketing to new customer prospects.

  • Carlocab - Discover what a 13-year old can teach you about making money with your blog.


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