Thursday, July 05, 2007

Life As a Computer Geeks Girlfriend, Part 2

The following is a post submitted by contributing author, The Nerfherder Gal...

Recently, I watched my boyfriend and his father (both members of the computer programming world) try to video chat online. At the prospect of chatting with his father "live" my boyfriend was more then a bit excited. He practically dragged me out into the living room so that I could partake in this exhilarating event. As I sat on the couch watching them set their computers up I was in awe of the absurdity of these two grown men. Nerfherder Dad was sitting in front of his video cam, waving like a fool while his picture came in upside down. He couldn’t hear or see The Nerfherder, however he continued to wave and speak into his microphone. As my boyfriend typed to his father (because obviously his microphone was not working), his father read slowly outloud each of his messages. "I- a-m -u-p-s-i-d-e d-o-w-n", "Oh", "I – a-m – s-t-i-l-l u-p-s-i-d-e d-o-w-n".

I watched them for about 45 minutes while The Nerfherder tried to "fix" his web cam, so they could actually conference, and Nerfherder Dad tried make himself right side up. I watched his father sign on, and off, and on, and off. Meanwhile the The Nerfherder was playing with the applications on his computer trying to figure out what went wrong. After watching this commotion for a while, I finally suggested checking to see if the camera was plugged in, and low and behold it was not. These are two men, one with his PHD in computer science, the other in the process of getting his, sitting in front of their computers loving the fact that they can send their picture across the internet for all to see, while Nerfherder Mom and I roll our eyes in the background.

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Nerfherder Gal


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