Sunday, December 10, 2006

DVD Standards: Blue-Ray vs. HD DVD...

After a long discussion at a bar yesterday on the topic, I've decided to do a little research and inform you, my loyal Nerfherder readers, about the struggle between the next generation of DVDs.

For a few years already, two different standards have been fighting it out over which will become adopted by the mainstream as the preferred next generation optical standard. In plain English, high-definition DVDs are ready to be sold to the public with unbelievable picture and sound quality, but until one single standard wins out, consumers are going to remain unwilling to commit their money.

The battle is between the Blue-Ray and HD DVD standards. To understand the problem, think of the battle 25 years ago between VHS and BetaMax. Consumers don't want to invest hundreds of dollars in what might turn out to be obsolete technology and purchase a player with the wrong standard. No one wants to be stuck with a BetaMax in their garage.

So what is a worthy consumer electronics geek to do? I'd recommend avoiding both standards until the dust settles and one is the clear winner. However, for those of you with no patience who NEED to see Star Wars in high-definition one way or another, two MySpacers have a brief debate worth reading, and Jason's blog lists 5 reasons not to support Blue-Ray.

Basically, in a nutshell, Blue-Ray is better on a technical level (25 GB of memory vs. 15 GB) meaning it will provide superior picture and sound quality movies, however it's also more expensive and includes "super heavy copy protection" which many consumers find obnoxious.

Then again, if the primary way to watch high-def movies a decade from now is over the Internet, then this entire conversation is a moot point.


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