Tuesday, November 21, 2006

More Backlash on iTunes and Zune...

Just to follow up on yesterday's posting, Newsweek Magazine has just published an article on how music lovers are becoming "fed up" with competing digital rights management (DRM) schemes for digital players like iPod and Zune.

Read the article here.

And without wanting to re-hash everything I discussed yesterday, let me simply highlight an extraordinarily important point in the article:

As Lawrence Lessig states, DRMs don’t expire even after copyright does. This means that the record companies are making it impossible for individuals to claim their property rights over things they've purchased - even after those companies' copyrights have expired. This completely illegitimizes the music industry and its argument that the goal of DRM is copyright enforcement.

“Give consumers a file that will play in any device and consumers will be willing to pay for it”. --- Steve Gordon


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