Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Holiday Shopping and Gift Ideas...

Well, we have officially begun the weeks of shopping insanity leading up to the holidays - and maybe you're like me and want to avoid looking for gifts at mega-malls and driving all over the place, preferring to shop online and stay away from civilization as much as possible. Rest easy, friends, because the internet was made exactly for us. Here are some ideas for holiday shopping in cyberspace...

A slew of new comparison-shopping websites have been gaining in popularity. Boddit is one of my favorites, though Froogle, PriceGrabber, and Yahoo Shopping are solid alternatives. Boddit acts almost as a search engine. Type the product you want, or browse the categories, and it will display those products - with their prices - from hundreds of different retailers across the web. It makes comparison price shopping real easy when you know exactly what you want and are just looking for the best deal, but is also extremely helpful in getting gift ideas when you don't know what you're looking for.

Another option that's becoming more widespread is Wish Lists. Most of the major e-tailers such as Amazon.com allow people to create wish lists of gifts they would like, and then make it easy to share those lists with their friends and family. Essentially, it works like a wedding or baby registry, and you can search the major sites by someone's name to see if they have a wish list already created. It will probably surprise you how many of your friends do.

These are just some of the e-commerce developments seeing major growth in use this year. Yet don't forget that the old-fashioned standards might still be best. Online gift certificates at the Amazons of the world are always a sure-fire bet, Ebay auctions will help find those hard-to-find gifts and get you a deal, and when in doubt, you can still just give the gift of cash... by PayPal-ing money electronically to whoever you like.

For instance, to rdomanski@hotmail.com :-)


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