Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Senators Receive iPods...

The organization IPAC is giving iPods as gifts to Senatorial campaign committees as part of its "Your Senator Needs an iPod" campaign. As described in this report, "the campaign is designed to bring attention to the growing issue of information policy (patents, copyrights, and trademarks). Key members of both political parties were given iPods for campaign activities illustrating how innovative digital devices can be used along with a rich array of cultural items provided by the public domain and initiatives like Creative Commons.

"I am thrilled at the support we have received from regular Americans who are concerned with the innovation tax that Hollywood cartels have imposed on American companies and creators. We hope to open the eyes of America's leaders to the importance of having sensible information policy. When recorded music conglomerates are installing malicious spyware on our computers, Senators should understand that it's time to balance the public's rights against copyright holders," said Jake Fisher, IPac's Executive Director.

Visionary Stanford Professor Lawrence Lessig recorded a special video presentation specifically for IPac's campaign. Each iPod also comes loaded with content from Creative Commons music from artists like Chuck D and The Beastie Boys, hundreds of photos from flickr.com, and classic literature such as the complete works of Shakespeare.

"Just because the music and movies included on each iPod are free to use and share does not mean that they have no value. On the contrary, the work on these iPods illustrates the richness available in our shared cultural reservoirs," said Founder and President David Alpert. "


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