Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Corporate Opposition to Net Neutrality...

As a shareholder in AT&T, I received an interesting letter in the mail today. It was AT&T informing its investors to oppose net neutrality, and to call our Congressional representatives urging them to support the Stevens telecom bill now before Congress.

This letter is completely ridiculous. It may just be one of the most one-sided pieces of propoganda I've read since Chairman Mao's little red book on communism. What is most disturbing is that AT&T could have actually argued the merits of its case (gasp!), but instead it chose to play off most people's ignorance on the subject of net neutrality and push for support for the Stevens bill without actually mentioning what the bill proposes to do.

Let it be known that I am personally in favor of net neutrality, yet at the same time I own stock in some of the telecoms which would profit from its elimination. In fact, there are advantages of keeping the net neutral, as well as advantages for getting rid of it. All of my dismay is aimed at AT&T and its corporate allies for deceptive business practices aimed at its own investors.


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