Monday, July 03, 2006

Finally, A Pirate Party...

Following in the footsteps of political activists in Europe, two people have just formed a new political party named the Pirate Party of the United States.

Read a great interview with the founders of the Pirate Party.

Here is an excerpt from their mission statement:

The Pirate Party of the United States is this country's version of the Piratpartiet, a Swedish political party that wants to "fundamentally reform copyright law, get rid of the patent system, and ensure that citizens' rights to privacy are respected." As a fraternal party, the PPUS shares similar goals while working within the political context of U.S. to achieve them.

For far too long, Big Media copyright cartels like the Motion Picture Association of America and the Recording Industry Association of America have held back technological progress and individual freedom. They have done so through cutthroat litigation against ordinary Americans, interfering with peer-to-peer networks by flooding them with bogus files, and corrupting the political system with unscrupulous lobbying and political donations.

Similarly, the pharmaceutical firms of the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America have, through the power of their medicine patents, denied lifesaving medical treatment to the world's poorest people suffering on a horrific scale just to raise their profit margins.

It seems highly unlikely that the Pirate Party will win any Congressional seats in America's two-party winner-take-all system. However, any of this group's efforts should at the very least help legitimate the cause of reforming our overly stringent digital copyright laws.


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