Thursday, June 22, 2006

France and iTunes Revisitted...

Following up on my blog entry a short while ago titled "Viva la France!" where I praised the French government for forcing Apple to open its iTunes music format to competitors, yesterday that same French government retracted the guts of the policy.

Read the full article here.

What they're now saying is that Apple can continue using a closed standard for iTunes, as long as the music artist agrees. However, the not-so-secret secret is that Apple REQUIRES artists to go along with the closed standard if they want to be listed on iTunes at all. This effectively means that iTunes will continue its closed standard practices, making competition in the market for digital music downloads non-existent. (Read - a monopoly).

Here's my plan. My brother is in a band. I am going to post his songs on iTunes for sale to the world, but I will not agree to the closed format. Let's see if Apple says my brother is not allowed to sell his own original copyrighted work, even if he wants to.

Stay tuned...


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